Owner Operator vs Company Driver: Comparing Pros and Cons in the Trucking Industry

owner operator vs company driver in trucking industry

  What is the difference between an owner operator and a company driver? Owner operator vs company driver, which is best? Understanding the role of an owner operator is crucial in comprehending the dynamics of the trucking industry. An owner-operator is an independent contractor who owns or leases a truck and operates their own trucking […]

2024’s Best GPS for Truckers: Top Picks for Commercial Truck Drivers

trucker gps best picks

    2024’s Best GPS for Truckers As technology continues to advance, the role of GPS navigation in the trucking industry has become increasingly vital. Truckers rely on GPS systems to navigate the best routes, access real-time traffic updates, and identify truck-specific navigation options. Choosing the best GPS for truckers can significantly impact a driver’s […]

Semi Truck Preventative Maintenance: Ultimate Checklist & Tips

maintenance tips for semitrucks

  Semi Truck Preventative Maintenance As a responsible truck owner or fleet manager, maintaining the proper condition of semi-trucks is crucial. Preventative maintenance is essential in ensuring the safety, reliability, and longevity of these vehicles. This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into creating an effective maintenance schedule and valuable maintenance tips for semi-truck owners […]