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Our Wide Range of Truck Parts

Discover a world of high-quality semi truck parts at C. McDowell. Each component in our inventory is meticulously selected for its durability, performance, and compatibility. From essential parts to specific upgrades, we cater to all your trucking needs.

Custom Hydraulic Hoses

Our custom hydraulic hoses are engineered to meet the unique demands of your truck. Designed for strength and flexibility, they ensure optimal performance of your truck’s hydraulic systems. Trust us for hoses that fit perfectly and last longer.

Top-Grade Truck Tires

Navigate roads with confidence using our premium truck tires. Designed for longevity and fuel efficiency, our tires offer superior traction and stability in all weather conditions. Choose from our vast selection for tires that keep you moving forward, safely.

Advanced Brake Components

Safety is non-negotiable. Our advanced brake components deliver reliable stopping power and enhanced control. From pads to calipers, each part contributes to a safer driving experience, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.

Premium Lubricants: Proud StarFire Dealer

Enhance your engine’s performance with our StarFire premium lubricants and fluids. Specially formulated to reduce wear and tear, these top-of-the-line products ensure smooth operation in all conditions. As an authorized StarFire dealer, we’re equipped to protect and optimize your engine investment.

Reliable Baldwin Filter Dealer

As an authorized Baldwin filter dealer, we provide high-performance filters to keep your engine free from contaminants. Trust Baldwin’s advanced filtration technology for superior engine protection and efficiency.

Electrical Parts and Batteries

Power up your semi truck with our robust selection of electrical parts and batteries. Offering dependable performance and longevity, our electrical components are the backbone of your truck’s power system. Ensure uninterrupted journeys with our reliable parts.

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Premium Truck Parts

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Our Stock

    Tire Selection
    Tire Selection

    Durable, all-weather truck tires designed for stability and fuel efficiency, catering to diverse driving conditions.

      StarFire Lubricants
      StarFire Lubricants

      High-quality engine oils and lubricants, formulated to protect your truck’s engine and enhance performance.

        Brake Components
        Brake Components

        Offering a wide range of brake parts for safety and efficiency, ensuring your truck stops reliably every time.


          Reliable truck batteries and electrical components, ensuring consistent power and efficient operation.

            Custom Hydraulic Hoses
            Custom Hydraulic Hoses

            Tailor-made for durability, our custom hydraulic hoses fit various truck needs, ensuring high performance under pressure.

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            Explore a brief selection of our most frequently asked questions about our truck parts right here. Need more? Click the ‘More FAQs’ button to dive deeper into our comprehensive list!

            Why Choose Our Truck Parts?

            At C. McDowell Truck Parts & Service, quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities. Our parts are rigorously tested and backed by expertise. Shop with us for parts that deliver performance and value, ensuring your truck is always road-ready.

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